Fairfax Funding, LLC., is an alternative financing brokerage that focuses on helping small businesses and startup entrepreneurs to gain broader access to a wider range of funding options than are traditionally available. We reduce and oftentimes eliminate the many frustrations that small business owners face,  as they try to find the critical working capital that they need to make their companies grow and thrive. We also handle funding for non-profits, such as churches, private schools, and organizations with a strong revenue flow.

Fairfax Funding currently has established relationships with multiple funding partners and private lenders across the U.S., that can accommodate a wide variety of funding scenarios and loan size requirements, with a range from $5,000 up to $100 Million.  We are able to accept applications from all 50 states and Canada. All legal and registered companies are eligible to apply for funding. With a simplified application, minimal qualification requirements, and a fast funding process, our clients enjoy an unusually short timeline from the beginning of the funding cycle through to successful funding. Providing exceptional service to our clients is our first priority, and represents the cornerstone of our mission. We welcome the opportunity to help you with securing the business funding that you need.